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Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Bike Trail circles Lake Tahoe and fifty percent of its large terrain is completely open to mountain biking. With amazing views and vivid panoramas of the lake, The Rim Trail offers much to it's many visiting cyclists. In general, the north and south shores are open to mountain biking while the east and west shores are not. The east shore does not present an issue because the alternate route is the flume trail, which is special in its own regard. The Rim Ttrail includes the Bench (between Spooner Summit and Kingsbury), Monument Pass to Star Lake to Armstrong Pass to Luther Pass (between Kingsbury and Highway 89), Big Meadow to Meiss Meadows (no bikes on PCT, most take Xmas Valley Downhill out), closed from Meiss Meadows to Twin Peaks, open from Twin Peaks to Tahoe City and almost all the way to Mount Rose Highway.