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Sand Harbor

Located in Incline Village, this warm beach is known for its seasonal music and theater festivals, as well as its soft and calming sand that warms you as you relax upon the edges of the lake. Climb around on the rocks, explore the coves or just relax in the sun.  This beach is so popular that you need to arrive early in the months of July and August to get a parking spot in the lot.  If you are staying in one of our Incline Village Vacation Rentals, you will be able to avoid the traffic and parking issues and ride your bike along the new East Shore Bike Path beginning Spring 2019.  Don't miss the annual Shakespeare Festival which provides a very unique experience of live theater with the amazing backdrop of Lake Tahoe.   This is also a wonderful location for those who enjoy water sports, as the water is wide open and without much distraction and Sand Harbor also provides one of the many launching sites for boat enthusiasts. You can also rent kayaks and stand up paddleboards to give you a unique perspective of the crystal clear water from above or bring your scuba gear, or mask and snorkel to enjoy the view below the surface.  Sand Harbor State Beach will not disappoint!

  • Parking ($10 fee)
  • Bike Admission ($2/bike)
  • Restrooms
  • Snack Bar
  • Boat Launch
  • Picnic Areas with BBQ's
  • Kayak & SUP Rentals Available
  • Visitors Center and Gift Shop
  • Sand Harbor Bar & Grill