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Rental Agreement

  1. Should the unit you have reserved become unavailable prior to occupancy due to circumstances beyond LTA's control, LTA reserves the right to substitute a comparable accommodation or offer a refund at renter's discretion.
  2. Guest shall not keep pets or smoke in any vacation rental property unless specifically allowed above. Guests shall not have more occupants than is stated above and shall not sublease the unit at any time.
  3. After you depart, LTA will check the property for damage and take inventory. No additional charges shall accrue to your credit card provided that there has been no breach of this Agreement. Any/all damage; breakage; theft; lost keys, parking passes, and/or garage door openers; excessive cleaning costs; and/or unnecessary maintenance expenses resulting during your occupancy,without limit, shall be repaired at your expense.
  4. You agree to assume responsibility for transportation to the property. Inconvenience caused by weather, disruption of utilities, or road conditions may occur at times in snow and mountain country and do not invalidate this Vacation Rental Agreement nor will they be subject to financial compensation.
  5. All of our properties are located in residential areas and may not be used for weddings, wedding receptions, parties, or any other large group function. Failure to comply with regulations concerning parking or loud or inappropriate behavior may result in eviction without refund, civil fines and charges to your credit card.
  6. All properties are privately owned but are managed by LTA at contracted rental rates. Tenants agree to hold owner and LTA free and clear of any damage or injury to self or property resulting from accident, injury, or loss due to rain, snow, flood, negligence, fire, theft, construction, or other reason.
  7. Guest acknowledges and agrees that there will be no refund or adjustments for delayed check-in, early check-out, health or family emergencies, weather conditions, inconvenience or dissatisfaction for any reason. In the event guest is dissatisfied with the property, LTA's sole responsibility will be to correct the problem as soon as practical, or to move the guest to the most comparable available accommodations, providing guest notifies LTA immediately upon arrival. LTA reserves the right to move reservation to a comparable unit, subject to availability to remedy conditions beyond its control.
  8. A full refund will be provided anytime you cancel within 7-days from making a reservation. If you cancel after 7-days, but your arrival date is still 30-days away, you forfeit any deposit money. Otherwise, unless trip insurance is purchased, a 50% refund is provided if you cancel between 30-15 days from the arrival date; and there is no refund if you cancel within 15 days from the arrival date.
  9. If you elected to purchase Travel Insurance for this reservation, your forfeited rent, fees, and taxes may be reimbursable under the terms of your insurance policy if you cancel this reservation for certain, specified reasons. Read your insurance policy for complete information about your coverage. CSA Travel Insurance does not cover Covid-19 concerns or Shelter in Place, only if you get ill from the disease.  If purchasing trip insurance please review the policy and contact CSA if you have and questions.
  10. LTA shall have full authority and control of your occupancy. Failure to comply with any of the terms of your Vacation Rental Agreement contained herein may result in the loss all monies paid and additional charges to your credit card. LTA reserves the right to cancel this reservation, without further notice, if payments are not received by the due dates specified above.
  11. You must be at least 21 years old to reserve and check-in. Upon check-in LTA requires an imprint of credit card & copy of drivers license for security purposes. Should guest request that a friend check in for them, then friend's name shall be added to the vacation rental agreement and friend's credit card shall be authorized for the Total Amount. Unless original renter comes into office with original credit card for imprint and signature verification, friend's credit card shall be processed for Total Amount and original credit card shall be refunded.
  12. Guest Parking: The guest agrees to comply with the parking arrangement and limits noted on this agreement. If a violation occurs, the guest is responsible for any fines imposed in keeping with parking restrictions and ordinances by the appropriate authority and jurisdiction.
  13. MISCELLANEOUS: You agree and have verified that for purposes of this vacation rental agreement that Your confirmation number shall serve as Your unique signature and to be bound by same and in the same manner as if You had otherwise ordinarily executed the document. This Agreement, together with the attachments referenced herein and attached hereto, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior written oral negotiations, representations, or agreements. No modifications of this Agreement shall be binding on either party unless it is in writing signed by both parties. Each section, subsection or paragraph of this Agreement shall be deemed severable and if for any reason any portion of this Agreement is unenforceable, invalid or contrary to any existing or future law, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect the applicability or validity of any other portion of this Agreement. For all purposes, hereunder, facsimile or electronic signatures shall be deemed to be originals and such signatures shall be given the same effect as would an original signature. THE PARTIES ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, UNDERSTAND IT, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS, INCLUDING THE CANCELLATION POLICY.