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Years ago, we chose Lake Tahoe Accommodations to care for and manage our South Shore vacation home, and when we traded up to our North Shore property, based on our positive South Shore experience, we chose Lake Tahoe Accommodations again. Communication with us and with our guests has always been timely, courteous, and efficient. Best of all, the Tahoe Accommodations team keeps it rented and maintained better than if we lived there!


Our vacation home in South Lake Tahoe has been managed by Lake Tahoe Accommodations for 14 years now, and it is wonderful to have someone else looking out for my home while we cannot be there. When there is a concern or a maintenance issue, the LTA team has someone to deal with it, or monitor the situation. Plus while we don't use it, it does not sit idle, but brings in enough income to cover all of my costs, and then some.


We have had other property management companies "manage" our Lake Tahoe property. They do not come close to the standards set by LTA. LTA keeps our property CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED, and most of all BOOKED. A WIN WIN for both of us.


Over ten years ago after interviewing several management companies my wife and I elected to engage LTA as our property managers because of the programs they offered, the amount of reservations their client's home had and their fees at the time were appreciably less then their competitors. We live 2400 miles away (Cleveland, OH.) and they take away the worry of owning a home so far away to the extent that a bear living in our sub-basement was not an issue for us. They had the bear removed and with this kind of extended care we have yet to lose sleep because of our Lake Tahoe home.


We interviewed several Rental Companies before we decided to use Lake Tahoe Accommodations. What a good choice it has been! The house is always kept clean and ready to use; the maintenance crew does minor repairs as needed and the advertising is very good. Thank you so very much!


I continue to use Lake Tahoe Accommodations because of the large customer traffic to their website and the proactive approach of keeping me informed of the status (maintenance & bookings) of my house by the staff. I feel very comfortable in knowing that Lake Tahoe Accommodations is taking very good care of my property!


I continue to choose Lake Tahoe Accommodations to care for and manage my Lake Tahoe property because their customer service is outstanding and I have complete faith in their ability to look after my investment.


From the very beginning of our association with Lake Tahoe Accommodations, our family has been tremendously impressed with the way they have cared for our property. Not only that, their professional and courteous attention to every detail never fails. We continue to choose them to represent us because they have proven to be wonderful partners and a joy to work with.


Initially we used a very small rental company to manage our vacation home because we wanted to avoid an impersonal experience from a big company, but the truth was it was a disaster. With LTA we have been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief in knowing we have a professional rental company protecting our home while also catering to our renters. LTA consistently goes above and beyond to care for our home, keeps us up-to-date on any issues big or small, and makes sure our renters have an exceptional experience so they come back again." It's only been a few months but we already stand by this testimonial!


We have entrusted the care of our vacation home to Lake Tahoe Accommodations and will continue to do so. Their always amiable service, forward-thinking marketing and honesty have been most impressive. Alicia, the Tahoe City manager is super!


We continue to use Lake Tahoe Accommodations to manage our property because of the wide spread exposure of our property. Any guest issues or problems are solved professionally, promptly and courteously. We have enjoyed our relationship with LTA since 2008.


Lake Tahoe Accommodations is quick to response and always tries to make the owner happy and satisfied.


I appreciate your help and the great care that you had always have with my house; the prior company that manage my house (which is well known in Tahoe) where sloppy and careless, I think I was there for a couple of years, give them a chance to proof that they were really professionals. You and your staff have always treated me with respect and courtesy, my house had being cared for, almost as if I was doing and/or supervising the work. You guys are, respectful, dependable, and very professional. Keeping on top of things and thinking on ways how to help me, to keep my property in good condition.Thank you very much for 7 years of great job, I really appreciate you partnership, and hope for many more years of working together.


As we live a long way away from our vacation rental property, it is important to us to know that our holiday home is being well looked after and that any problems are promptly resolved. LTA ensure that it is always well maintained and very clean which often produces very favorable guest comments.


We have used LTA as our management company for 10 years. We believe their success is due to the longevity of their employees. We are on a first name basis with most all personnel - there is not much turnover, and they therefore know our property well. Their housekeeping and maintenance staff are exceptional - very attentive and knowledgeable. We would not have any other company manage our property.


Lake Tahoe Accommodations shows incredible attention to detail and an organization-wide team commitment to getting the best rental value out of owners' properties. I am very pleased with their responsiveness to my needs as a property owner, and I feel very comfortable knowing that my property is being managed in the most effective way possible.


Why do you continue to choose Lake Tahoe Accommodations to care for and manage your Lake Tahoe Property? Answer: Living 1500 miles away and knowing we don't have to worry about our home. Having confidence in Dave and Heather to handle any situation that may come up. Thank you Lake Tahoe Accommodations!


In my short time with Lake Tahoe Accommodations they have increased the number of rental days and thus gross revenue and have instantly taken care of all maintenance problems.


Recently we were reminded as to why we continue to choose LTA as our property manager when we were getting ready to come up in early January. I received a phone call from maintenance informing me that we had a backup of water in our first floor shower and that they found it in time so it would not go on the hardwood floors. They called a plumber who was there working when we arrived. Unfortunately it could not be fixed that night and we could not stay in our house but LTA found an alternate place for us only blocks away to stay in complimentary. Now this is a real top rate organization that takes care of vacationers and owners. Thank you LTA.


We tried two other management companies. We keep our rental with Lake Tahoe Accommodations; because in Lake Tahoe, they are the best out there. They watch over and take care of our place almost like it was their own. What more could we ask for?


I continue to choose Lake Tahoe Accommodations to care for and manage my Lake Tahoe property because they excel in all areas of rental property management. Their customer service is outstanding; whenever there is an issue, it feels like I'm working with a partner in solving it. They maintain the property beautifully; it is always in great condition whenever I come up to use it, so, I am assured that any rental customers enjoy the same ambiance. Last, but not least, is peace of mind. I know that my property is in good, responsible hands. Thanks, LTA!!


We use Tahoe Accommodations because the people there are like having your extended family looking out for your house and its well-being. You know them but not as well as your immediate family but know since they are family that they would take the best care of your property like family would do.


We have been using Lake Tahoe Accommodations to manage our property for 6+ years. There are 3 major reasons: Dave, Heather and before her, Luannda. These are your people who man the office for our area. When we have problems or issues we take these to them and they are the ones who make sure things get resolved. They are the BEST!


The Lake Tahoe Accommodations Team excels at managing the fine line between customers and owners. Their loyalty is foremost in protecting the owners who furnish the properties to rent and then ensuring that the renters receive everything they paid for and expected from the property they rented. Couldn't be happier with our association.


Sometimes I wish I made more $ from the rental of my vacation house, but "you get what you pay for". I get excellent maintenance and housekeeping, plus the office staff/management is always wonderful. Being 400 miles away, I have peace of mind.


It's good to hear from you. I've been meaning to connect with you to tell you how happy we've been with the past year of service we've received from LTA. When we last spoke we were considering a change in management companies. I'm glad you convinced me to give another year. What a difference. Glad that we stayed on with LTA.


There are many reasons why we continue using LTA to care for our second home but the main reason is because everyone feels like family to us in the group - from housekeeping to the reservation desks - even our son feels this way and always insists on visiting the wonderful ladies at the reservations office. We know everyone will take the best care of our home away from home to give us that peace of mind so we don't have to worry about anything - that's the key isn't it? The entire team is professional and honest with suggestions and opinions about how to improve our property which we truly value. We interviewed other property management companies in the area before and we feel we made the right choice from the very beginning for our home. Big thanks!


Thank you, and for your photo and comments as to why we use Lake Tahoe Accommodations to care for and manage our Lake Tahoe property- we have found your services to be friendly, timely, professional and cost effective. With your support, we are able to feel confident and at ease that our investment is well cared for, being able to enjoy our time when we can relax in beautiful Tahoe.


I continue to use Lake Tahoe Accommodations for two simple reasons: Business and Care. Business: They deliver me a high quality and quantity of clients that gives my rental property the activity I desire, while retaining the flexibility to use my property for my family's enjoyment. Care: Their management, maintenance, and housekeeping teams keep my property protected, maintained, and in beautiful condition that helps protect its value and keep my renters coming back as repeat customers. It's reassuring to know LTA is watching my property while I live far away and taking exceptional care of it.


We are very pleased that we chose Lake Tahoe Accommodations to manage our home. The staff is very friendly and always available when we have a question. We appreciate how clean the property is when we visit. We are confident and satisfied that our property is well taken care of.


Because LTA provides such great 24/7 customer service. They care for our home as if it were their own. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff that make sure the renters have a wonderful Tahoe experience. No other vacation rental company in South Lake Tahoe even compares.


Lake Tahoe Accommodations has been very professional in their managing of our south Tahoe property. They pay close attention to details and alert us/take care of smaller issues or shortcomings at our property. Dave is very accommodating and responsive anytime we contact him with a question or request. It is well worth while to have LTA on your team.


I have had a wonderful relationship with Lake Tahoe Accommodations over the last 15 years. They do a great job on management of my property and rentals as well.


Lake Tahoe Accommodations have been so supportive in setting up our condo for vacation rental. Joshua and Heather have been patient and informative for all my many questions, which were many!! Their personal attention and informative answers, while never making me feel like a "pain", was so appreciated and reassuring. When we received our first rental, I think Heather was as happy as we were! I look forward to a long relationship with Lake Tahoe Accommodations.


From the administrative staff, to the domestic staff LTA stands head & shoulders above any other rental agency that we have ever used. They are professional, courteous, and react to any tenants request immediately. In our opinion, they are the best of the best, rental agency in Tahoe. Our time with LTA has made us a true believer in there impeccable service. Their management, housekeeping, and maintenance is beyond compare. Our home is always ready for renters and looks great at all times, thanks to the great housekeeping and maintenance services. LTA quality and 24 hour service gives us peace of mind that everything will be ok and any event will be immediately addressed.


Our previous rental organization stopped doing rentals so we had to start again from scratch. Lake Tahoe Accommodations has steadily increased our rentals back close to what they were before. There are 2 main reasons: 1) We have an excellent manager here at Incline Village and an excellent assistant. 2) The manager and her assistant have been conscientious in improving the condo to make it more attractive and up to date. Also, Lake Tahoe Accommodations monitors the condo to make sure there are no water leaks, gas leaks, loss of heat, or frozen pipes, etc.


We own a unit on the lake at Brockway Shores and couldn't be happier with the care and service provided by Lake Tahoe Accommodations for the past 9 years. They are doing a steller job in ensuring that our unit is immaculate and in good repair at all times. This is a real help for us as we live in the Bay Area and cannot always get to the lake to oversee work that needs to be done. Before hiring LTA we were seriously considering selling our unit as we couldn't count on the rental company we were using at the time to successfully take care of any problem that might occur. We're now very comfortable in knowing we're in good hands with LTA.


There is no better vacation home management option than Lake Tahoe Accommodations. We have worked with them since 2008, and value their commitment to stellar customer service for everyone, whether they be an owner or a guest. They take excellent care of our home and market it very effectively. They know their business inside and out and are outstanding partners.


The maintenance of the house has been excellent. Jane and Laura who directs housekeeping have kept it in perfect condition. In addition the reservation department and the websites are excellent for bringing guests. We even had a family from South America come to stay for the Christmas holiday a couple of years ago and several guests come back every year.


Over the years, the office and staff that handles my property is ALWAYS available and friendly and seem to go way out of their way to make sure my property operates smoothly and needed repairs and supplies are complete. They also give me helpful tips and suggestions, not just the prepackaged answers. That is so important to me since I am hundreds of miles away. I love the website for viewing my advanced bookings. Although I am one of your smallest operators, however it appears I am treated with the same level of dignity and attention as the larger homeowners. That I truly appreciate.


We can sleep well every night knowing that Lake Tahoe Accommodations is doing everything possible to rent out our vacation home and keep it clean and safe! Thank you Lake Tahoe Accommodations for years of excellent service!


Simply put, LTA works for us. We've been with LTA for 15 years because season after season, year after year, their team has worked closely with us to keep our property occupied, clean, and in good repair. We've gotten to know many of the reservation agents, repair crew and office staff, and it's wonderful to recognize the voice on the other end of the phone when dealing with a home we can't see every day. And as closely as they've worked with us, they've also developed great relationships with renters, gathering insight that we can use to make our property even more attractive.


Lake Tahoe Accommodations has gained our family's trust through their care of us and our South Lake Tahoe property. Walking into the office we are met with friendly warmth and recognition. Josh and Mike with their personal touch and care of the business gives us security knowing they are managing a home filled with memories.


LTA has managed the rentals for our property since we purchased it in 2008. Over the past 20 years we have owned vacation rental properties in 4 different states. LTA ranks as the best we have used and we couldn't be more pleased. What I really like is their focus on presenting and marketing of their properties. For instance, recently they developed a focus program to increase summer rentals to our property, and you can definitely see the corresponding results in our rental income. Thanks LTA.


Lake Tahoe Accommodations is a trouble free management company. LTA is honest and trustworthy; their local competition was using my unit and not telling me. When confronted with written evidence, they denied all knowledge.