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Lake Tahoe Fishing Charters

Fishing in Lake Tahoe is as simple and rewarding as it sounds. Being the largest and deepest lake in the area, you can be sure there is a plethora of fish that are waiting to bite your bait. Fishing charters are available year-round, and you're sure to catch fish that are larger than life, so long as you play your cards right. The local guides will set you up for success.  The “high country” bodies of water are where to go to find the more timid types of trout, although each and every section of Tahoe is full of various types of rewarding catch. Tributaries are closed from October 31st thru June 30th, as the sport fish tend to enjoy making babies in the area during that time. One thing is certain when coming to Tahoe to cast your line – you won't be let down. This lake has an endless supply of fish, ranging in many sizes and types, and as you wait for the bigger ones to bite, you'll be pleased to notice that you're standing in an array of absolutely beautiful mountain scenery.

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